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Education: Teaching Diversity

The Crayon Box that Talked

Behaviour: Tantrums

toddler tantrum screaming
Temper Tantrums in Children - what are they and what causes them?
A tantrum is an expression of loss of emotional control. The outburst is usually displayed by a combination of some of these (In increasing order of seriousness)... [...]
Temper tantrums - How to avoid them
One very successful way to avoid your child's temper tantrums is a combination approach: one that tackles each of the triggers, coupled with a huge effort to make it really clear to your child that... [...]
Dealing with a Current Temper Tantrum
If the temper tantrum is not yet in full swing, it's possible that you can avoid the tantrum altogether, by one of the following methods... [...]

Pregnancy and Baby

Choosing the best bottle for your baby
First of all, unless your baby has a medical problem relating to their digestive tract, or you are combining breast and bottle feeding, your baby should be perfectly happy with whatever bottle you choose, as long as you [...]
Breastfeeding Positions for your Baby
Have you ever bottle fed someone else's baby? Did the Mother ever ask you to adjust the position - telling you "this way" is better? The reason is [...]

Food: Recipes

Banoffee Pie Recipes
Banana & Toffee & Cream, Serves 12... read more
Easy Cupcake Recipes
Nine simple recipes to make a dozen tasty cupcakes... read more
Pocket Money - when should children get pocket money or an allowance?
There's no requirement to give your children pocket money, so the decision is entirely yours. From an educational point of view, the earlier your children get to start using money, the more naturally they will handle it. Also, if you teach them good budgeting skills... read more

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Cowboy Themed Activities

Cowboy Candy Wagon Train
Create a wild west wagon train, filled with candy! [...]
Cowboy Costumes - Western & Line Dancing themes
Directions for making a Western square-dancing Costume and a casual cowboy rancher costume... read more
cowboy coloring page - Cowboy Collection 001
Free coloring books & coloring pages - Cowboy Collection 001
A set of free cowboy coloring books and pages to print and color in.... read more